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Architectural Design

At Seven Architecture, we understand that each architectural design must be meticulously crafted, taking into consideration aesthetic aspects, spatial distribution, natural lighting, and energy efficiency.

Interior design

Our interior design department is precisely responsible for designing and arranging interior spaces to make them more livable and appealing, combining artistic and technical aspects.

3D Modeling

Through 3D modeling, we can design and plan both interior and exterior spaces, creating virtual representations of construction plans, elevations, and sections for each project.

Construction Plans

The construction plans are detailed graphical representations of the structure to be built. They are technical drawings that show the dimensions and characteristics of the construction.


At Seven Arquitectura, we also provide guidance to our clients in preparing the budget for their construction project. This allows us to estimate the costs associated with the execution of the work.

Administrative procedures

At Seven Arquitectura, we also provide guidance on the administrative processes and procedures that need to be carried out to obtain the necessary permits and authorizations for the construction project.


At Seven Arquitectura, we take care of the execution of your construction project from the initial conception to the completion and delivery of the corresponding building, residence, or infrastructure.


Our engineers conduct comprehensive studies and detailed analyses of the land and environmental conditions where the construction will take place. This includes evaluating factors.

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